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Performance links - drawing (on ) how the sun lights the earth 2015

drawing (on) how the sun lights the earth
- durational performance version: circular walking on charcoal

DECEMBER 2015 Wroclaw Poland  - Think Tank Triennale - IMAGINE

A solo performance by Fiona Wright

In this part of the world, at the end of each day, the solar system gives us the setting of the sun. Somewhere out to the west, not necessarily visible but perhaps in some way always present in our imagination, the nearest star sinks below the horizon. This is a moment in the day when many things still shift - we go home, we switch on electric lights, and sometimes we walk in museums.

The making of this work is held within an ongoing series of different pieces seeking to talk about not-making, ageing, disappearing, and what seems to last; about not-becoming and non-attainment.

With thanks to Lucy Cash, Andy Smith and Sonia Hughes. Supported by Arts Council England.

Fiona Wright (b. London 1966) has been making solo and collaborative performances since the late 1980s, working through choreography, writing and installation. The interest is around the (this) particular body in performance, with attention often on the detail of functional and stylised movement vocabularies and using simple resources, close to the body. This practice touches on theatricality, questions of intimacy, often bringing the audience close to the live performer.

some thoughts on the relationship between performance and drawing
the connection is process
and the connection is time
and timing

and spaces

spaces between lines, words, bodies - including all the hands and all the feet


all the movement and all the restlessness

performing and drawing both become a way of being in the world or a place to be at or with it, at least for now

the actions leave traces
some kind of document manifests
necessarily uncertain and temporary

some thoughts looking for some thoughts
nothing very solid in either or in-between
yet resonating

Fiona Wright
March 2016

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