Monday, 21 March 2016

London WORKSHOPS Saturday afternoons: June, July, Sept, Oct 2016

pause: reflect : awareness
workshops in London
  occasional Saturday afternoons
Fiona Wright
Awareness Through Movement
 Feldenkrais Method

SATURDAY 11th June
SATURDAY 16th July 1.00pm - 5.00pm (4 hours)
Cost only £30

 *Limited capacity at this space. Recommend advance booking*
VENUE for these two afternoons is in EAST LONDON:

Bethnal Green at the Yoganest - next to St Margaret's House
27 Old Ford Road, E2 9PG
**Good transport links**

pause: reflect : awareness
Two short yet 'gentle intensive' Saturday afternoon short workshops, to allow space and yet the time to go deeper than a single class might allow. Also, scheduled just weeks apart these Summer sessions, if taken together, can offer a connection to sense the changes over the course of a month.

In Awareness Through Movement (Feldenkrais Method) we work slowly in guided lessons with the emphasis on independent process, always finding our own pace. Any level of experience is welcome and no particular training is necessary, simply an interest in discovering through your own movement experience - this can support other practices and generally offer more enjoyment, ease and spontaneity in everyday actions.
Other dates in London later this year:
3rd September
29th October
(venues and times tbc)


photo credit; Jonathan Thrift

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